The Course i offer  has been designed as Home Study , so the video series accompanying it is comprehensive.

The manual covers the emotional journey of trading calculating risk per trade and the background to the formation i use and what enables the code to run.

The code highlights the formation on the  chart for you along with profit target and stop loss levels, there is nothing more to do except place the trades. To see how effective this formation works go to my FX website ( ) and have a look through the results back for PT3 Trades, crypto is about double or triple the effectiveness of FX as it is way more complex .

Whilst this is designed as Home Study it can also be taken In Office via a   1 Day One on One Course .

The code i have developed runs in Trading View which is commonly used for charting Crypto and lists the majority of tradeable coins listed on Coin Spot.

      To Enquire re the cost of Both options please fill out the contact options below or call me personally...