The fact is - Trading is simply running your own business.

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As we see a massive push towards the digital era, those that embrace change and move with the times will make money and plenty of it and those that procrastinate will get left far behind.

I must admit the first wave of Bitcoin I sat and watched from the sidelines however now it is a real income and trading goldmine…

I have 23 years trading experience and these coins trade no different than any other volatile and lucrative market and are significantly safer to trade than the Manipulated Fx markets where it is controlled by algorithms to make trading as difficult as possible.

With Crypto Coins , if you have the edge then you will get handsomely rewarded for it and not be red flagged or have your account closed as I have had happen to me in the past because i was too profitable of a trader.

              Now the big question –

Do I try to learn by myself or seek help?

I urge you to take the next step very carefully the reality again is you are trading in a highly volatile market.

While its fine when everything is going up, HOWEVER  here is the catch for novice traders –

 When do you get out and take your profits? 

This is where a professional trader comes in to their own , the coding and strategy I use is the same as I use in FX , its success is HAVING RELIABLE TARGETS  , If you don’t have this you will lose everything you started with , the same applies to CRYPTO .

The amount of money you pay for professional help will be insignificant to the gains that can be made.

As you consider working with my experience and strategy , consider what it feels like to turn $5000 in $ $10,000 , then greed takes over and then that now fails and comes back until you are at your buy price and you hold on only to see it go further and now you end up selling at a loss.

This is exactly what happens and sees traders do this over and over again , think you wont do this , well statistics show 80% of people investing do exactly this over and over again..

                                   AVOID THE PITFALLS

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